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10 ~ 14 February 2009 (15 ~ 19 SAFAR 1430H)

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarokatuh,

May this mail find you and family in the highest of eeman and best of health, ameen.

Alhamdullillah wa shukrillah, the government of Qatar through Fanar and Awqaf  had graciously sponsored Ustaz Hussain Yee and his daughter to share their knowledge & experience with us. We managed to make some arrangements to invite these special guest speakers from Kuala Lumpur to do a series of lectures for us to benefit.

Please see below the tentative programs for Ustaz Hussain. Apologize for the late notice because of late approvals and finalization.

Special note: There will be some special programs lined-up for teenage girls (details are posted separately); YOUTH CAMP; specially conducted by Ustaz Hussain's daughter who had a long spell in Saudi Arabia and she had various experience in similar programs for teenagers and reverts. Place is only limited to 25 (max). Registration required. Separate announcements will be made for this.

Come and join to learn from one of the great gurus in Malaysia who had lots of knowledge and experience in spreading the words of Allah and sunnah of His messenger s.a.w throughout the world for more than 25 years.

Any changes to the venue and time will be advised, insyaAllah.

Summary Of Ustaz Hussain Yee Schedule:

10 Feb - Selasa.

1) Program Untuk Remaja Lelaki
Tempat: Al Bayan Clubhouse
Tajuk: Sikap Remaja Efektif
Waktu: 3pm - 5pm

2) Ceramah Umum, Doha
Tempat: Masjid Fanar      
Tajuk: Dahului Allah dan RasulNya
Waktu: 7:30pm - 9pm

11 Feb - Rabu.

Ceramah Umum, Al Khor
Tempat: Masjid di Al Khor Komunity
Tajuk: Islam Mula Cara Dagang dan Berakhir Cara Dagang
Waktu: 7:30pm - 9pm

12 Feb - Khamis

1) Ceramah Untuk Kaum Wanita
Tempat: LeRoses 1 Compound (near Villagio)
Waktu 8.30am - 10.30am

2) Ceramah Umum, Mesaieed
Tempat: LG Camp
Tajuk: Islam Sebagai Solusi Krisis Global
Waktu: 7:30pm - 9pm

13 Feb - Jumaat

1) Khutbah Jumaat (in English)
Tempat: Masjid Fanar
Topic: Migration To The Truth

2) Ceramah Umum (in English)
Tempat: Masjid Fanar
Topic:The Best Generations
Waktu: 7:30pm - 9pm

14 Feb - Sabtu

Ceramah Umum, Doha
Tempat : Al Fanar
Tajuk: Menuju Kejayaan Islam
Waktu:  8:30am - 10.30am

Details and update for the event will be posted on regular basis prior to the program, insyaAllah.


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